The Vision of Active Launceston is to improve the health and wellbeing of the Launceston Community through physical activity.

Sponsorships and Donations

Active Launceston Appeal

Active Launceston relies on grants, sponsorships and donations to operate. In the current economic climate, it is becoming more difficult to ensure the ongoing sustainability of this fantastic initiative. The Active Launceston Appeal now gives you the opportunity to say thank you and contribute to programs and events into the future, which may benefit yourself, your family and the greater Launceston community. To make a donation please use the appeal form or visit the Foundation website (make sure you select the ‘Active Launceston Appeal’ from the designation dropdown box) and follow the links to the Active Launceston Appeal.


Your Organisation has the opportunity to be associated with a community oriented initiative with an excellent reputation, high public trust and credibility, and a highly-recognisable brand and community identity. In addition Your Organisation will be supporting community members to take a positive step towards improved health and wellbeing. There are several possibilities for Your Organisation to build on your sponsorship portfolio and improve brand recognition, increase your  customer/membership levels and enhance your image locally, nationally and internationally through supporting Active Launceston. The Sponsorship Prospectus outlines the level of commitment required, initial benefits for Your Organisation and long term outcomes for Your Organisation through association with Active Launceston.

Active Launceston would like to thank it's current and past sponsors;